Winter Look Book 2021: Stylish Glasses To Pair With Your Winter Wear

Stylish Glasses To Pair With Your Winter Wear

Can you feel the crisp in the air and cool breeze brush through your skin? Oh yes, winter is here and we are loving every bit of it. Snuggle up with a cup of hot cocoa, and an interesting read. But not without your eyeglasses! Cool-weather lovers, take layering to the next level—wrap yourself in scarves, jackets, fuzzy slippers, and round it up with cool eyewear. It’s the perfect time to revamp your new season wardrobe with all things trendy and sassy (frames included!).
Wait, but before you go on a shopping spree to pick a stylish pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses, take a look at our perfectly curated winter look book. We have covered the latest eyewear styles to help you upgrade your winter outfits. Do not be afraid to experiment with fashion and select your favorite style. Whether you are planning to go to the drive-in theatre or dancing, we have just what you need!

Check the drool-worthy eyewear styles this winter and styling tips too.

Stylish Glasses To Pair With Your Winter Wear

1. John Jacobs Cat Eye Sunglasses | Got The Cat Power!

All the movie buffs, there is exciting news! A new drive-in theatre has opened in Mumbai at Jio World Drive mall. Grab your partner and get ready for a cozy movie date in the comfort of your car. Make sure you dress for the occasion-a faux fur jacket (in case it gets too cold) paired with cat eye glasses that scream cute and chic at the same time. Flatter your date every time both have your quick-glance-at-each-other #instamoment.

John Jacobs Transparent Full Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses

2. Vincent Chase Geometric Sunglasses | Geometric To Keep In Shape!

Geometric Glasses for Lunch with Girlfriends

Our new favorite way of escaping city life is camping. If your idea is the same as ours, cheers to that! Himachal Pradesh, Manali, and Ladakh have the best camping spots if you are interested. The picturesque views (for all your Instagram uploads) are breathtaking, but what about you? Choose outfits that enhance your experience and a pair of polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes and beautify your view. Embrace the cold weather with a monochrome striped dress and classic oxfords; wrap a scarf for a side of chic. Carry your favorite book and other travel essentials. Snuggle up with Maggi noodles and hot tea, ah!

Vincent Chase Polarized Matte Black Gunmetal Full Rim Geometric Sunglasses

3. Vincent Chase Round Sunglasses | Go Full Circle

Just spotted a new restaurant famous for seafood, vegan food, or your favorite cuisine on social media? Get yourself and your friends to visit that place! Your inner “foodie” is calling out to you, so do not let the weather stop you from enjoying your meal and the experience. Opt for a scene-stealing winter outfit – skinny jeans, a silk blouse, and cardigan over; round it up with a handbag and round sunglasses for a city slicker look. You have got 24/7 chic written all over you; we know it!

Vincent Chase Gold Full Rim Round Sunglasses

4. Vincent Chase Square Sunglasses | Tinted Love

So, your close friend invited you to a tea party on a winter evening. What do you wear?! A pretty floral dress and a super stylish trench coat. And your sunglasses should be as lovely as tea in the evening (even if it is cool outside!) Sink into the comfort of blue square sunglasses this winter with Lenskart’s pastel-tinted range.

Vincent Chase Silver Full Rim Square Sunglasses

5. Lenskart Air Transparent Eyeglasses | Never Getting Over Pink

You love wearing eyeglasses at work and everywhere you go—to the mall, the movies, and date nights at the park on a chilly evening. Your partner adores your specy look too. Now, they are a catch worth all the effort. Look your best – put on your leather skirt, a white balloon sleeve top, and throw over a long-line jacket. Match your pink mules with transparent pink eyeglasses that are oh-so-irresistible!

Lenskart Air Pink Transparent Full Rim Round Eyeglasses

6. Vincent Chase Vogue Eyeglasses | Printed Affair

Ready to make a shiny appearance at your Christmas and New Year party? We are! Makeup, outfit, and eyewear in check. Opt for something shimmery like a biker jacket, wear it over a little black dress and slip on a pair of hawt stilettos. Add a touch of print to your outfit with colorful full-rim square eyeglasses that scream party-chic. Talk about welcoming 2022 in style!

Vincent Chase Blue Full Rim Square Eyeglasses

7. Lenskart BLU Computer Eyeglasses | Blue Light Awareness

I Heart Game Night! Spending time with friends is a lot of fun, but what about dressing for the occasion? Oh yeah, think of a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans, a soft sweatshirt, sneakers, and blue-blocking glasses to ward off the blue light from long hours of staring at your computer screen. Falling asleep and waking up without a headache after a night of gaming won’t be so difficult anymore!

Lenskart Blu Blue Block Phone & Computer Glasses: Sky Blue Grey Full Rim Rectangle

8. Vincent Chase Hexagonal Sunglasses | Texture Play

The holiday season is here, and you are gearing up to hit the stores to buy presents, clothes, decorations. If denim and a T-shirt are the outfits you pick to shop at the best time of the year, then, boy, oh boy, you need a fashion fix. Change things up—wear a red dress (color of the season), a beanie, and a plaid scarf to beat the cold. Complete the look with a sassy pair of tortoiseshell cat eye glasses.

Vincent Chase Brown Tortoise Full Rim Cat Eye Eyeglasses

9. Vincent Chase Half Rim Sunglasses | Sleek Is Snazzy!

So, you have received the wedding invitation—in winter! It is time to plan what you are going to wear because winter weddings are the best. When selecting an outfit, keep in mind the cold temperature. Opt for a thick fabric dark color dress, velvet block heels, and a clutch (no need to go overboard with your clothes). All eyes will be on you (apart from the bride and groom). Add a fun winter spin to the outfit with matching half-rim cat eye glasses.

Vincent Chase Matte Maroon Half Rim Cat Eye Eyeglasses

10. John Jacobs Sleek Sunglasses | Keep It Basic N’ Black

Wayfarer Sunglasses For a Glamping Getaway

Layer up! It is hiking time. Embrace the drop in temperature with the right outfit—a plaid monochrome shirt with a denim jacket over, thick pants, slip on a pair of boots, and wear a beanie to keep you warm. In case it starts to get a wee bit hot while ascending, you can easily take off your jacket. Do not forget your UV-protected and polarized wayfarer sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the harmful sun’s rays, and keep you stylish.

Vincent Chase Polarized Matte Black Full Rim Wayfarer Sunglasses

If you thought sunglasses are only for summer, then you are wrong. No matter what the season, your eyes need to be protected from the sun’s UV rays. So, get ready to beat the winter blues with trendy eyewear that will leave you looking oh-so-chic.

Square frames and the statement-making oversized glasses are all the rage this winter. But if your eyewear style is different and you have not spotted them here, don’t worry! With Lenskart’s home try-on service, you can have any frames delivered to your doorstep so it’s easy for you to pick your favorite at the comfort of your humble abode. You can also visit any Lenskart store near you or today!

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