Why You Need An Annual Eye Exam

Since March is Save Your Vision month, it’s a good time to ask yourself just that. Chances are you already know the answer.  Yes, you really do need a comprehensive eye exam annually and there are no two ways about it! Equate it with how your car or AC needs servicing every year, or how your teeth and gums need a deep clean every six to eight months to keep them healthy. Annual eye exams ensure your eyes stay healthy and your vision remain clear as glass.

If you think good vision means good eye health, you are wrong. Often, there are underlying issues that build up over time, ones that could be prevented through regular eye exams.

Here are a few reasons why it is mandatory to get your eyes examined every year…

1. It Is Different From Vision Screening

As the name suggests, vision screening only checks your vision. It does not tell the whole story. A vision screening usually uses automated equipment, hence the accuracy and effectiveness of the eyeglass prescriptions is limited.

Eye exams are different because your eye doctor will evaluate both the internal and external health of your eyes. Since many eye diseases have no symptoms during the early stages, it is advisable to opt for eye exams to detect problems with your eyes. As for vision screenings, they are definitely included as part of your comprehensive eye exams.

2. It Helps Children Fare Better In School

Myopia (nearsightedness) is becoming more prevalent and an eye exam is the only way to detect it. Children who have a family history of myopia or any other refraction error issues are at a higher risk of developing vision issues themselves. According to Dr Laxmi Cherungottil, a renowned eye specialist, every child at the age of three must get his or her eyes checked. Parents should watch out for signs such as a child who cannot see or read what is written on the blackboard, difficulty keeping up with his/her peers, and performing poorly in school.

That being said, do also note that your child’s pediatrician will not be able to identify underlying refraction or vision issues. When such things are not controlled or treated, they can affect your child’s learning ability, behavior, and adjustment in school. By taking your child to an annual eye exam you can ensure that their vision is sharp and clear and that they can comfortably study at school.

3. It Can Uncover Other Health Problems

Did you know, eye problems are often linked with other health issues? Especially diabetes, a leading cause of blindness among people all over the world. If you have high sugar levels, you may experience blurred vision, poor night vision, and seeing spots and floaters to name a few. If you’ve visited your eye doctor for blurry vision and nothing appears wrong with your eyes, it is recommended you consult your general practitioner and test for diabetes. Apart from this, your eye condition can also reveal if you’re at risk of stroke, cholesterol and sleep apnea.

Opting for an eye exam will reveal any and everything about your eyes as well as your body. By doing this, you’re not only taking a proactive approach towards managing your eye health but also your overall well-being.

4. It Can Lead To Dangerous Accidents

As mentioned earlier, undiagnosed vision problems may put you in dangerous situations. An issue with your peripheral vision can increase your risk of falls and accidents due to your inability to see things on either side. Eye diseases like glaucoma can be especially dangerous for those who drive.

How Often Should You Get An Eye Exam?

But if you…

  • Wear glasses or contact lenses
  • Have a family history of eye disease or vision loss
  • Have any eye condition such as cataract, glaucoma, or macular degeneration
  • Have a chronic disease that increases your risk of vision issues such as diabetes
  • Take medications with side effects that can affect your eyes

You must get your eyes examined ANNUALLY.

How Long Will The Exam Take?

In most cases, a comprehensive eye exam can take up to an hour. However, your eye doctor will determine the duration of the exam and the complexity of the tests required to assess your ocular health and vision. The easiest way to ensure your eyes are always in the best of health is to schedule a home eye checkup.

If we treat every month as Save Your Vision Month, there will be nothing to worry about, only clear vision ahead!

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