Tips For Buying Sunglasses For Kids

Did you know that your child needs sunglasses more than you do? Even though parents are vigilant about protecting their kids’ skin with sunblock, hats, and clothing what’s often left out of the mix is a good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are extremely important for kids and now that they’re easily available why step back?

Why Do Kids Need Sunglasses?

Here are some facts to help you realize why it’s so important for children to wear sunglasses. In comparison to you, me and many other adults, children spend a lot more time outdoors. They play all day and those in their teens spend most of their time traveling to college and back home. Constant exposure to UV rays is not only harmful to skin but also puts our eyes at risk. UV rays penetrate deep into the eye and accelerate the onset of various eye problems such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Therefore, it is really important that we protect their vision, especially because kids spend lots of time outside and their eyes haven’t fully developed yet. They need sunglasses that protect their eyes against both UVA and UVB rays, even on cloudy or overcast days since UV rays penetrate even through the thick cloud cover all year-round.

So, just as we use sunscreen to shield their skin, sunglasses with 100 percent UV protection, shield their eyes from the sun. Experts recommend sunglasses that filter out approximately 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB light with wavelengths of up to 400 nm, and at Lenskart we bring you just that. However, this is not it, there are several other factors that you as a parent have to consider before buying your child a pair of sunglasses. Let’s take a look at them.

Things To Consider When Buying Sunglasses For Your Child

First things first, make sure that the material of the lenses is made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is ideal for children more so because it is impact resistant, lighter than standard lenses, and polycarbonate itself is UV protective. Always look for a larger frame with temples that are slightly wider in order to prevent the peripheral sun from getting in. Larger frames not only help block most UV light but also keeps out sand and debris from getting into your child’s eye. Another important aspect to remember is the flexibility and fitting of your child’s sunglasses. The frame should be close-fitted and flexible, therefore, you need to look for spring hinges that extend beyond 90 degrees, so they’re less likely to break. Kids tend to be rough with their glasses, so be sure to pick quality frames.

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Frequently Asked Questions


At what age should my child start wearing sunglasses?

According to doctors, the right age for kids to start wearing sunglasses is two-and-a-half to three years old. It’s impractical for children below the age of two to wear sunglasses, it’s physically difficult to do so, but it gets easier as they get older.


Can a wide-brimmed hat be used as an alternative to sunglasses?

A wide-brimmed hat is a good idea and you should always stick to wearing one when you’re out or at the beach but you can’t use them as a replacement for sunglasses. Sun rays are bound to reflect off the sidewalk, sand, water, or snow from below, so it’s still getting into their eyes.


Don’t we all need some vitamin D?

A little bit of sunlight is good for all of us, irrespective of our age but as the day passes by and the clock strikes noon, take it as a sign to slide on your shades. The afternoon sun is way more powerful than what we experience in the morning. Therefore, if your kids are going to be out all day, for extended periods of time, their eyes need to be protected.


Are prescription sunglasses for kids a good idea?

Sunglasses for kids are not as expensive as the ones you and I wear. They’re pretty affordable but if you still feel it’s unreasonable to buy a pair, you can opt for photochromic lenses. This way your child can use one pair at all times. Although photochromic lenses can’t replace a good pair of sunglasses, it’s better to have something than nothing at all. At Lenskart. we bring you affordable, high-grade sunglasses for kids that provide full UV protection. If you’re worried about cost, you don’t have to anymore.

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