Sunglasses Guide For Every Wanderlust Activity

Given the pandemic travel restrictions and guidelines, we have become more vigilant than ever in protecting our health. After over one year of stay-at-home protocol, everyone’s now planning their post-covid escapes. In a tropical country like India, travel brings with it the highest UV damage to our eyes. UV exposure may deteriorate eye health and also lead to age-related vision problems. Therefore, besides following the state safety guidelines, also protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses for every activity that you’re planning.

And don’t worry about finding the right sunglasses for your trip. It isn’t rocket science! Follow this mini-guide of sunglasses perfect for the top five holiday activities in India.

Besides damaging UV-rays, outdoor activities also mean exposure to dust and pollutants. This is where a pair of sturdy and UV-protection sunglasses becomes an essential part of your travel. Follow this guide to find the best pairs of sunnies to protect your eyes and amp up your style game on your next adventure trip. With prices starting from as affordable as Rs 1299, it’s time you also flaunt your #selfies and #traveldiaries posts in uber-stylish sunglasses.

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