Summer Travel Tips For Contact Lens Wearers

It’s mid-March already and guess who’s here? You’re right it’s the sun and it’s shining brighter than ever, bringing heatwaves and hot summer winds. But we know how to make the best of this time of year – summer vacation with our family. It’s also when kids wrap up their final exams and scream Goa or any place in the south to have a gala time. So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and get going but before that take note of these quick summer travel tips if you’re a contact lens wearer.

While you’re out traveling during the summer months, taking good care of your contact lenses is a must. Treat it like someone close to you that you can’t do without or keep away from. In this article, we’re going to discuss five simple tips to bear in mind and follow religiously while you’re out having fun in the sun.

Here we go!

Do Not Expose Your Lenses To Just Any Type Of Water

When we’re on a vacation we often forget to carry along our contact lens solution or at times we run out of solution. This is when we’re tempted to use tap water as a replacement. Using running water especially in the summer months is not good for your lenses, especially if you’re visiting a place that receives hard water. Hard water is high in mineral content and is formed when water percolates through limestone deposits. So refrain from doing this. Regular tap water also contains microbes and viruses, especially the Acanthamoeba organism. The Acanthamoeba organism can attach to your lenses and cause serious and difficult to treat infections. It’s best to stick with an unexpired sterile contact lens solution for your lenses. And never forget to wash your hands, use a fragrance-free soap and keep them clean before handling your lenses.

Replace Your Monthly Lenses With Daily Disposables

Traveling during the hot summer months has its unique (and unpleasant) challenges if you wear bi-weekly or monthly contact lenses. Regardless of knowing this if you still wouldn’t consider switching to daily contacts, what we’re going to say next might change your mind for good!

The contact lens solution in a lens case faces an increased risk of contamination and breeding from bacteria like E. coli and salmonella due to extreme heat and humidity. So, never store your lens case in a hot car or tent or under direct sunlight. Using daily contacts, which are sealed to prevent contamination is your best bet since you don’t have to worry about lens cases, or bacteria anymore. You open the sealed pack, use the contacts and dispose of them at the end of the day. Isn’t that simple and less worrisome?

Wear contact lenses with built-in UV Protection

While you’re out soaking up some sun, your eyes are constantly exposed to UV rays. Although most people use sunglasses what would do if you do not have prescription sunnies? The answer is a no-brainer. We’re talking about contact lenses with built-in UV protection.

Although these are not a perfect substitute for a good pair of sunglasses, they definitely will reduce the UV rays that your eyes are exposed to. Also, there’s no harm in combining UV-blocking lenses with zero power sunglasses. It is a super-easy way of doubling up on UV protection.

Avoid Hitting The Pool With Your Contacts On

Never hit the pool with your contacts on! Swimming pools contain Chlorine – a chemical used to keep the water clean and something that’s not good for your contact lenses. Here’s why, chlorinated water is a breeding ground for Acanthamoeba, an organism known for causing sight-threatening infections. Don’t forget, as far as possible avoid keeping your lenses on while showering, in the bathtub or the jacuzzi.

Use Rewetting Drops

Summers can be different in different places. While some places can be extremely dry, some on the other hand can be extremely humid. If you ever happen to visit a place that is extremely dry during the summer months, be sure to carry rewetting drops along with your contact lenses. Spending long hours outside can make your eyes dry so to avoid that it’s best to instill some type of contact lens rewetting drops two to four times per day.

In order to be worn successfully, contact lenses require a very healthy tear consistency. So, if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors and in the sun do remember that it can create an environment where it is difficult for your tear film to sustain the demand. Using artificial tears or contact lens rewetting drops frequently will keep your lenses hydrated, your eyes feeling comfortable and help you to maintain clear vision.

Keep these things in mind and we assure you that you’re going to have a hassle-free summer vacation.

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