Trendy Sunglasses: Monsoon Style Tips To Swear By

Trendy sunglasses

The rains are finally here! Happy or not too happy? We give you every reason to be excited, especially when it comes to your monsoon fashion. No matter how gloomy the weather or muddy the streets get, don’t let the rain dampen your sense of style. Just take a look at our monsoon style edit, follow the expert tips, and you’re good to take the streets by storm. Quick tip for you – a stylish raincoat or trench coat in a vibrant color is a must to turn heads. What about the accessories? Ahead is a set of six rain-ready looks you can flaunt this season. Sunglasses included! Witness the most stylish sunglasses on the fashion radar and update your wardrobe for the rainy season.

1 Aviators + Cotton Flare Pants + Spaghetti Top + Slip-On Crocs

A loose-fitted pair of cotton trousers are the perfect clothing to stay comfortable this monsoon. Up your style game by pairing it with a front button tank top or spaghetti top. If flare pants are not your thing for the season, then opt for culottes. Accessorize with earrings, a bracelet, slip-on crocs to avoid the mud splashes, and cool aviators that scream oh-so-chic!

Our top pilot sunglasses for you:

Vincent Chase Polarized Golden Full Rim Aviator Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Gold Pink Transparent Full Rim Aviator Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Polarized Matte Gunmetal Full Rim Aviator Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Black Full Rim Aviator Sunglasses

Styling Aviators
Styling oval sunglasses

2 Oval Sunglasses + Denim Shorts + Stripe Tee + Strappy Sandals

If you think less is more during monsoon, then try denim shorts and rock the look with your favorite striped tee. We suggest you choose a vibrant color combination like white and red. The shoes you pick will make or break your outfit here; get your hands on an iridescent colorful strappy pair to match the rainbow (just in case you spot one!). And completely transform your look further with a pair of trendy oval sunglasses that’s a super hit right now.

Our top oval sunglasses for you:

Vincent Chase Silver Rimless Round Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Polarized Black Full Rim Round Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Polarized Silver Full Rim Round Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Gold Rimless Round Sunglasses

3 Round Sunglasses + Printed Tank Top + Skirt + Gumboots + Nylon Fanny Pack

Knee-length skirts and printed tank tops are monsoon appropriate only if you have a pair of striking gumboots and a nylon fanny pack to go along with it. So, go ahead invest in a pair of rain-proof boots and a waist bag to get you through the monsoons. Well, that’s not it! This look is incomplete without a pair of round sunglasses. And it’s perfect to get all the attention you need. Don’t forget to have some fun and splash a little water as you strut in style!

Our top round sunglasses for you:

Vincent Chase Polarized Golden Full Rim Round Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Polarized Golden Full Rim Round Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Polarized Brown Tortoise Full Rim Round Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Polarized Gold Full Rim Round Sunglasses

Styling Round sunglasses
styling Cat Eye sunglasses

4 Cat Eye Sunglasses + Bright Romper + Gumboots

They might be a bit inconvenient but they look very cute, especially in the monsoon. A bright romper can elevate your mood and take your style to a whole new level of FAB-U-LOUS. A highly fashionable style that screams adorable no matter what you pair it with. These are lovely with frills, ruffles, and a crisscross back (hawt!). Don a chic pair of cat eye sunglasses and you’re good to brave the gloomy weather.

Our top cat-eye sunglasses for you:

Vincent Chase Polarized Golden Full Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Gold Black Full Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Gunmetal Full Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Polarized Gold Full Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses

5 Transparent Sunglasses + Leggings + Crop Top + Transparent Umbrella

Bomber jackets are taking the fashion world by storm. A cool, solid color jacket can make your outfit look fabulous. Wear it over a crop top and black leggings. Slip in a pair of transparent PVC boots, carry a clear umbrella, and match it with a pair of clear frame sunglasses. Talk about the level of transparency this season, including the tiny raindrops falling from the sky!

Our top transparent sunglasses for you:

John Jacobs Clear Transparent Full Rim Round Sunglasses

John Jacobs Clear Transparent Full Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses

John Jacobs Clear Transparent Full Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses

John Jacobs Clear Transparent Full Rim Wayfarer Sunglasses

Styling Transparent sunglasses
Styling Hexagonal glasses

6 Hexagonal Sunglasses + Ruffle Dress + Trench Coat

Commuting or walking in the monsoon is a task, no doubt. All we want is to be carefree, wear something light, yet fashionable and enjoy the rains to the fullest. Nothing can beat a floral, ruffle short dress that is effortless and a raincoat to go hands-free. If you want to make a bold statement, wear a pair of stand-out hexagonal sunglasses, which are all the rage this season. They can be worn easily with almost any outfit. Hexagonal sunglasses in different tints are perfect for the season. Go get em’, girl!

Our top hexagonal sunglasses for you:

Vincent Chase Polarized Silver Full Rim Hexagonal Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Polarized Gunmetal Full Rim Hexagonal Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Polarized Black Full Rim Hexagonal Sunglasses

Vincent Chase Polarized Golden Full Rim Hexagonal Sunglasses

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