Holi Fun! Our Top Picks To Protect Your Child’s Eyes

Eyeweare for Kids during Holi

Holi is a festival where families and friends reunite to share laughter, colors and feasting. As kids, we waited eagerly for this day. But now that we’re all grown up and probably have kids ourselves, we understand that we should be cautious with our little ones. As parents we dread what’s coming their way – water balloons, pichkaris (water guns), rang (dry colors), and friendly fights. If not celebrated with caution, this festival of colors can become extremely unsafe for your child.

But here’s the good news. You can retain the smile on your child’s face by making a smart parenting move. More than their skin it’s their eyes that you’re worried about. The only question that keeps coming to your mind is “what if the color gets into my child’s eyes?” What can we do to protect them?” We have the answer – safety goggles. From toddlers to tweens – we at Lenskart have safety googles for all ages. When it comes to a child’s eye safety during Holi, get them to wear funky eyewear to protect them from any eye damage or infection.

Here are top picks of eyewear for kids to keep their precious peepers safe.

For Two-To-Five-Year-Olds

Holi is a time where kids want things their way and never take no for an answer. All they want to do is play and have a good time. But as parents, it is your duty to protect your child’s eyes from harmful colors. If you hand them a pair of safety goggles or regular eyeglasses, it goes without saying that they will refuse to wear it, but what if you give them something colorful instead? Trust us, your kids are going to love wearing these eyeglasses by Lenskart! Not only do they come in Holi-inspired colors, but they also feature detachable and adjustable retainer bands for a better fit. No matter how much they run, jump and play, these won’t fall off.

Safety goggles for kids
Swimming Goggles for kids

For Five-To-Eight-Year-Olds

Who said that swimming goggles are meant for swimmers alone? We thought what better way to protect your child’s eye than swimming goggles? These goggles not only protect your child’s eye from those harmful colors but also shields them from UV rays. The flexible silicone head strap prevents the goggles from slipping after coming in contact with water while the smooth frame eases pressure around the eyes and minimizes the marks left after use. They’re extremely comfortable to wear, adjustable, and come in various color options for your kids to choose from. So, there you have it – an easy solution to keep your child’s eyes safe while he/she is having a fun time playing Holi with friends and family.

For Eight-To-Twelve-Year-Olds

No matter what your age – it’s always good to keep your eyes safe from all of that color and constant splashing of water. Holi is fun but don’t let toxic colors ruin your day. That’s why we have safety eyewear for you. Although these goggles are designed for people who deal with harmful chemicals or for those who work at construction sites, there’s no rule that says you can’t use them for personal safety. After all, the colors used during Holi can be harmful unless you’re using organic ones. Why put your beautiful eyes at risk when you can use safety goggles to protect them? Lenskart’s safety goggles are made from polycarbonate and they offer 100 percent UV protection – which is an add-on and who doesn’t like that? If you care for your eyes, you can never say no to them.

Safety goggles for kids

As we approach this colorful festival of Holi, it’s best to stay well prepared. And with these safety eyewear options delivered to you on time, we assure a safe and healthy Holi for your children without any worries.

Eyeweare for Kids during Holi
Eyeweare for Kids during Holi

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