The year is almost coming to an end. How about we go down memory lane? Oh c’mon. All the eyeglass-wearers out there, this one is for you! I have a few questions. Answer them truthfully.

  1. Have you been wearing the same eyeglasses for a year?
  2. Do you spend too much time on your digital devices?
  3. Are your glasses on top of your head?
  4. Do you clean your eyeglasses with your T-shirt?
  5. Itchy eyes

If the answer to all of the above is YES, then sorry to burst your bubble. You are not heading in the right direction. Well, it’s never too late to turn our old behavior around. The new year is a great time to make a list of to-dos aka resolutions for your ocular health. It is crucial to maintain good habits that will keep your eyes (and YOU!) happy for years to come. Press the reset button because change is on its way!

Here are eight resolutions to help you create a better 2022. Don’t worry! We have ways to help you keep them (now, providing solutions is our resolution!)

New Year, New Habits (for the love of your eyes and eyeglasses!)

New Year Resolution #1: I Will Schedule A Comprehensive Eye Exam

Resolution #1: I Will Schedule A Comprehensive Eye Exam

Why should an eye exam be a priority on your list? The reasons will have you schedule an appointment right away. Thank us later!

  1. Your entire visual system is examined
  2. Helps early detection of eye diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy
  3. Helps examine your overall health and detect other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and also cancer

So, irrespective of whether you wear eyeglasses or not, make sure to have your eyes checked regularly.

Resolution #2: I Will Revamp My Look

Every time you decide to get a new look, you think of getting a haircut or a sassy outfit, but what about your eyeglasses? This new year, update your eyeglass collection with something fun and exciting. If you have been wearing round frames for a while, why not give the super trendy hexagons a try? The cat eye is a fabulous way to bring out a bold personality if that’s what you are looking to be. Choose a frame that suits your face shape and represents your unique style. You can head to the Lenskart store or try the AR feature on the app to help you decide your makeover look for the year. Eyeglasses that make a different version of you, I’ll take it!

Our swoon-worthy eyeglass picks for you:

John Jacobs Pro Titanium Grey Full Rim Hexagonal Eyeglasses

Lenskart Air Black Full Rim Square Eyeglasses

Vincent Chase Blue Transparent Full Rim Cat Eye Eyeglasses

New Year Resolution #2: I Will Revamp My Look
New Year Resolution #3: I Will Update My Prescription

Resolution #3: I Will Update My Prescription

Agree or not, we get too comfortable wearing eyeglasses. We stretch it from six months to over a year. And bear some severe consequences in the bargain like eye strain, squinting, and headaches. Hold, right there! Your prescription glasses need an update; maybe improper fit could be the cause for all the discomfort. Visit your eye doctor’s clinic, talk about your problems and get them resolved. The new year does not deserve your eye struggles and irritated behavior. Clear prescription = Happy days!

Resolution #4: I Will Protect My Eyes With Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Our digital devices have invaded our lives a lot more since COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021. Not in 2022! It’s a vow. Screen time has increased drastically for adults and kids, and so have sleep problems, dry eyes, eye pain, and fatigue from staring at our digital screens. Isn’t it? Blue light is to be blamed, and how! Can you prevent the ill effects? Sure. Lenskart’s BLU light blocking glasses protect the eyes from harmful blue light and keep your screen time comfortable. Ready to beat the blues the right way? BTW, don’t forget the 20-20-20 rule!

Our top blue-light blocking eyeglasses for you:

Blue Block Phone & Computer Glasses: Blue Full Rim Round Lenskart Blu

Blue Block Phone & Computer Glasses: Transparent Brown Full Rim Wayfarer Lenskart Blu

Blue Block Phone & Computer Glasses: Brown Full Rim Rectangle Lenskart Blu

Resolution #4: I Will Protect My Eyes With Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Resolution #5: I Will Stop Putting My Glasses On My Head

If you push your glasses on top of your head for style or because you are too lazy, then stop. The dirt and oils on your hair can stick to your lenses and damage them. Also, the frames tend to widen because the head is usually wider than the face. So, what’s the solution? Use a hard case to place your glasses in it every time you take them off. Invest in good quality, stylish ones from Lenskart, and your glasses will be the BFF you have ever had.

Our top eyeglasses cover cases for you:

Lenskart Tiny Owl Pink Yellow Eyeglass Case

Lenskart Abstract Blue Sunglass Case

Lenskart Butterfly Orange Eyeglass Case

Resolution #6: I Will Use Both Hands To Put On And Take Off My Glasses

Every time you purchase a new pair of eyeglasses, within a few days or months, the fit of your frames changes, and it loses its attractiveness. You immediately blame it on the brand! It is probably because you remove and put on your glasses with one hand on the temple arm. Make it a point to always use both hands, one on either temple arm, and see the difference.

Pro Advice: If you lose your eyeglasses often, attach a cord to place it in a shirt pocket or hang from the neck.

New Year Resolution #6: I Will Use Both Hands To Put On And Take Off My Glasses
New year Resolution #7: I Will Use A Cleaning Solution And Microfiber Cloth To Clean My Glasses

Resolution #7: I Will Use A Cleaning Solution And Microfiber Cloth To Clean My Glasses

Dirt and dust from your T-shirt can scratch the lens. Spit shining your lenses can leave bacteria, and your breath does no good in providing enough moisture. What do you need? Aqualens Spectacle Lens Cleaner Bottle! Spray it on the lens, and then wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

P.S Make sure your lenses have air dried completely before wearing your glasses.

Promise us you will follow these for the rest of your life, and not just in 2022. You can do it!

We wish all our readers a happy and healthy new year.